Doll/Pet Sashes

Miniature versions of our embroidered satin sashes and ribbon sashes are available at a reduced price to match your existing sashes or as gifts for the special royalty in your life.

Available in Ribbon or Embroidered Satin

  • Ribbon Sashes – $5
  • Embroidered Sashes – $8 (Price Increase to $10 as of 1/1/2020)

These sashes are made from the same quality materials using the same techniques as our regular size sashes. Upgrades are available at an additional price.

Embroidered Sash Upgrades

  • Thread Color Change – $1 per additonal color
  • Metallic Thread – $5 per sash
  • Metallic Braid/Trim – starts at $.10 per inch
  • Metallic Accents such as crown, star, heart, etc. – $1 per accent item
  • Rhinestone Banding – starts at $.20 per inch
  • Rhinestone Accents – $1 acrylic/$2 crystal

Ribbon Sash Upgrades

  • Acrylic bling trim – $.05 per linear inch
  • Glitter or metallic heat transfer vinyl – $2 per sash